Lord of the Damned

Real-time 3D character (50k tris) of the Lord of damned character designed by Yevhen Motsak. You can see the original concept piece here - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/6WleO
Sculpted in Zbrush, retopologized in Maya, and textured in Substance Painter. Took some great tips from Magdalena Dadela's 2017 GDC talk about face texturing in Substance Painter. Had not really tackled skin with substance yet and wanted to give it a try. Check out her talk here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ywhVkZBtq8
Had a lot of fun with this guy. Thanks for stopping by!

William pitzer keyimage01 withname
William pitzer closeup front
William pitzer closeup side
William pitzer key image 02 full body
William pitzer hex turnaround
William pitzer tpose turnaround
William pitzer tpose turnaround wireframe
William pitzer headshot straight2
William pitzer skin textures

Skin Textures - Albedo, Translucency, Normal, Roughness

William pitzer extras textures

Accessories Textures - Albedo, Metallic, Normal, Roughness